Lorrie Hallman, PhD



I know that starting therapy with someone who is a stranger can be a scary undertaking and you are wise to learn what you can and choose carefully the person with whom you will establish this important relationship. And, if you've been in therapy before, you already know that you want a therapist who will understand you and your personal struggles and be able to help.

For over 35 years, I have had a strong commitment to forming a trusting, respectful and warm relationship with my patients, believing that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is crucial to healing and growing. I work with adults in individual therapy or couples therapy in an eclectic style developed over the years of my practice so that I can tailor the therapy to your needs. Most of the people I see enter therapy in some kind of crisis, whether it's about your emotional life, your relationship, your family or your career. Often when the initial crisis has been resolved, people find they want to change the patterns of behavior and self image that continue to create the problems they face. Some patients struggle with serious anxiety or depression that prevents them from enjoying life as fully as they could. I enjoy listening and learning about my patients and helping them live richer lives and really be themselves at their best.

For me therapy is a creative journey with each other with our goal being whatever you want it to be. You are the decision- maker, I am just the guide who helps discover the options.

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